Transient Luminous Events in the Mesosphere - Selected Specimens

Near-Infrared Movies with VLF-ELF Radio Emissions

Here are some sample movies of sprites, elves and other transient luminous event captures of the past weeks. I have recorded over three hundred specimens since March 30, 2012. Note that the movie screen size can be expanded by pressing the icon in the lower right corner of the embedded movie player. The ESC key returns the player to small size. All movies have sound.

April 12, 2012 : Sprite Cluster with Tendrils

August 06, 2012: Sprite Over Taos, New Mexico

May 07, 2012 : Beautiful Sprites Captured at Closer Range

June 13, 2012 : "Carrot" Sprites

March 30, 2012 : Formidable Sprites Over Oklahoma

May 31, 2012 : Gigantic Elve and Sprite Cluster Generated by 406 kAmp Mega-Lightning Stroke

May 20, 2012 : Sprite -Meteor Coincidence and Possible Interaction

I am also accumulating an extensive data set of Mesospheric Gravity Waves.

Many more specimens to follow.

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