Double Sprites March 30 2012 0502:26 UT

This formidable double sprite occurred near Woodward, Oklahoma. The color image was taken with a modified Canon XS dslr which has sensitivity in the near infrared part of the light spectrum.

It was captured in radio at VLF-ELF wavelengths and at 2.5 MHz in the second movie.

Movies at left are expandable to full screen by pressing the button in lower far right of play bar after start.

DATA: Positive cloud to ground lightning

Lightning stroke: 05:02:26.838 UTC

Lightning Stroke Location: 36.0999 N, -98.1172 W

Distance : 614 km | azimuth: 81 degrees

Peak Current : 156 kAmp

Charge Moment Change : 789 C*km

Thomas Ashcraft : Heliotown : New Mexico


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