Red Sprite Cluster May 31 2012 08:01:15 UT

This is a capture of a formidable sprite cluster and a gigantic "donut" elve. The ELVE with a hole in the center is evident in the video at left but not in the near infrared image above.The peak current of the mega-lightning stroke was measured at 406 kA. The lightning happened near Miami, Oklahoma.

Video with VLF-ELF and 2.5 MHz radio emissions at left is expandable to full screen. Press button in botttom right of player. ESC returns movie to small format.

Data : +CG lightning stroke

Location: 35.7448 N, -100.6761 W

Peak Current: 406 kA ( Very large!)

Azimuth 85.57 degrees Range 473 km

Thomas Ashcraft : Heliotown Observatory

35. 50 N -105.89 W New Mexico

Mail : More Sprites