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Intercept site for Thomas Ashcraft : Artisan, Naturalist, Electroreceptor, Sculptor and Scientific Instrument Builder


Press : New York Times : SCIENCE

PBS television, short feature, aired May 14 2016:accessible here: Colores!


If you are here as a Sun tripper : Headphones!


Ongoing Science Actions :

Capturing Transient Luminous Events : Specimen Sprites

Below: Jellyfish sprite over southwestern Kansas captured June 13 2013 0445 UT (view from the Observatory)


New York Times Science feature on Sprites

Television: "Strangest Weather" Excerpt: A Brief Primer on Sprites - Four Minutes

WIRED Science feature article

For researchers: Draft paper on red sprites and other transient luminous events and their radio and optical capture.


Mesospheric Gravity Wave Captures



Monitoring Meteors, Fireballs and Space Dust Continuously : 24 / 7

WIRED Magazine article and interview

Extended Sound of Space Dust Crashing into the Earth's Ionosphere

2009 Fireball Archive

Nice Taurid Earth-Grazer

A few sample fireball specimens below with radio scatter:

Perseid Meteor August 02 2012 3:29:26 am MDT. 1 MB Movie with sound.



Super-size fireball April 17, 2011 at 01:42 am MDT. 1 MB Movie with sound.



Splendid fireball on April 05, 2011 with dynamic forward scatter audio. 1 MB movie with sound.




Energy Facility - Electric Utility - Radio/Optical Observatory


Above: Near Infrared Jupiter March 02 2015 - 0839:15 UTC - Near infrared


CH4 Methane view of Jupiter March 09 2016- 0843 UTC - Near infrared

(Project In process) Manifesting "The Twitch", a sculpture that connects directly to Jupiter.



Significant Owl Visitation 1

Significant Owl Visitation 2


Solar Flare Patrol :

Above: Moreton Wave June 03 2012

Daily observations of the Sun in Hydrogen-alpha wavelengths - - Hydrogen-alpha 656.28 nm .5 .

WIRED Interview on the Sun and Recordings |

NPR : All Things Considered Radio Interview ( Guy Raz ) on Solar Work

Best Moreton Wave Capture - Hi-resolution. It will take a moment to load all frames and begin animation : June 03, 2012

Moreton Wave Observation | May 29, 2011

Moreton Wave Observation | February 14, 2011

Oct 27 2013 : Possibly the first merging of an optical solar telescope with a radio telescope into one instrument


Selected Strong Radio Pulsations ( from last solar cycle)



Carrington rotation #2109 from April 12, 2011 to and including May 09, 2011

Daily Solar Flare Patrol Imaging Archive



"Anvil Screamer" : corona discharge recording

Lightning Movies and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Radio emissions


Soundfields and Compositions Airing in the lab at the moment :

Time Dilation Experiments / (trip edit) 18 minutes, Designed as background sound.

HELIOTOWN :_ZONE 111 11 minutes 02 seconds; Thinking edit, to be played at low volume; in the background

Two short studies for The Sweet and Existential Night : (We determined that we would compose our musics to merge with the emergency sirens that sound off so often in the night. Study one 51 seconds : Study two 59 seconds

The Sweet and Existential Night / 1 minute 44 seconds /

Playlist : And more music




Possible Bacteria Swarm Rings Movie | Other swarm specimens

Rain Barrel (movies) : NOTE: New Microbiological Archive Coming Soon.



Politics: SYMBIONT (as Mutualist)

TOTEM: Bacteriophage


The Curious Case of the Russian Spy Satellite: (Almost an international incident)





Places : Hall of Botanical Thinking | Cultivators' Ball



Coming soon : 118 Studies for Coins, Ingots, and Traveler's Currencies:

Bacteriophage Coin || Hydrogen Coin || Trans-species Jump Coin || ( 118 Coins in the works )

The Conjugators ( Study ) || The Sperm and Egg Coin

"Different worlds have different monies and it is advantageous to have something to trade in whatever world we might find ourselves."

Sample Ideogram Studies (details) on the themes of Bacteria and Bacteriophages



Pollen and Pollenetties



Universal Gum & Tradecake



Mopus, Chink & Oof :




Memento Mori (Yet, ....it's not the end of...... the story.) ( Buzzard)

Hawk Gliding Across the Sun


Live from the Orchid Club

Music and Sound


Journal of the Plague Years : Antidotes : Medicine

Cubes : Viewing Cubes, Thinking Chambers, Incubators, Theaters

CUE Art Foundation

Art and reviews

Louis Comfort Tiffany Award


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