Red Sprite Cluster May 20 2012 04:45:41.408 UT

This sprite cluster occurred 30 km west of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Interestingly, it is possible that the tallest sprite element intersected with a meteor and it is being studied at the moment.

Also in the image above mesospheric gravity waves are evident. I made a time-lapse movie of the gravity waves in motion and it is posted here: Gravity Waves over Oklahoma Panhandle

Video with VLF-ELF and 2.5 MHz radio emissions at left is expandable to full screen. ESC returns movie to small format. In the video I magnified the meteor which occurs during the span of the 04:45:39 second.

Data : +CG lightning stroke

Location: 35.5542 N, -98.0715 W

Peak Current: 108 kA

Azimuth 87.25 degrees Range 708 km

For researchers: : Time-lapse .gif of meteor only

Time-lapse of meteor and sprite

Thomas Ashcraft : Heliotown Observatory

35. 50 N -105.89 W New Mexico

Mail : More Sprites