The peak oscillations kick in at around 39 seconds into sound file.

Recorded on a Stereo Radiotelescope

Left channel  22.2 MHz  :  Right channel  22.7 MHz

( Headphones encouraged.   Listen at moderate to high volume for best stereo effect. )

Recorded September 15, 2005 at 2037-39 UT

2 minutes  40 seconds specimen.  2.5 Mb

Timeline of burst.
Baseline continuum for 20 seconds.
Burst starts at  23 seconds.  Small peak.
Intense Type V kicks in sharply at around 40 seconds.
Specimen ends at  2 min 40 seconds.
Definition of Type V Emission

"Type V solar radio bursts are defined as continuum emission following a Type III burst,
x-mode polarized (opposite sense to the associated Type III). The cause is slower
Type III-like electrons in widely diverging magnetic fields, with both forward and counterstreaming
Langmuir Waves, perhaps generated by the previous passage of Type III electrons."


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Sun Opener

Thomas Ashcraft
New Mexico
35.50 N  -105.88 W

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