Specimen :   August 22, 2005      1700 - 1710 UT

M6.2 Solar Flare

This is some early eruption activity from region 10798 which would
become a historically notable sunspot group.

Type IV Solar Radio Pulsations

Click below for a ten minute audio specimen recorded in stereo
at 22.222 MHz right channel and 22.714 MHz  left channel.

Time slice :  1700 UT to 1710 UT


Please note  :  this is a 9.15 Mb file in size.

For full and intricate stereo effect it is best to listen with headphones at moderate to high volume.
If you can successfully enter into the solar waveforms you will experience very specific pulsations,
transcendent of noise.


At about 45 seconds into the sound file the pulsations will kick in strongly followed by
numerous peaks and plateaux.. The full mass ejection was over an hour in duration and this
segment of time is the strongest period sonically.

What you are listening to is the radio sound of a Coronal Mass Ejection and resulting eruptive plasmoid
with the Type IV solar radio pulsations due to either plasma emission or gyrosynchrotron emission.
In this case we may be hearing expanding arches or loops of non-thermal particles.

See the sites below for great image capture of the arches and loops
of this particular eruption and ejection.


  If you have the capabilities as you listen you can open a second browser page and watch the flare recorded visually:


Further Information on the flare below:


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Thomas Ashcraft
35.50 N  -105.88 W
New Mexico   USA