Sound  :      Meteoric Space Dust Particles Colliding With the Earth's Ionosphere 

Here is a stereo sound file and spectrogram of five minutes of space dust particles hitting Earth's ionosphere as they are received and recorded on my forward scatter radio array.  The audio was captured at two separate frequencies :  61.250 MHz is the upper channel of sound (above the mid-horizontal white line in the spectrogram) and 83.250 MHz is below the white line. At the beginning of the sound file you will hear a voice announcing universal time:  1310 UT which is 7:10 am Mountain Daylight Time. 

All the dots and blips on the spectrogram are small meteoroids hitting the upper ionosphere. Then at 1313 UT a larger fireball sized meteor strikes producing a stronger and longer radio reflection.

For a detailed explanation of the forward scatter radio meteor observation method click this link.

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Radios : ICOM PCR 1000

Spectrograph : Spectrum Laboratory V2.7 b18