Update: Greetings to all Wired sojourners and NPR visitors. The sound specimens below are good and fresh but my most pulsating solar audio specimens are collected here: LINK And other various observations mentioned on All Things Considered are at Heliotown. Fresh updates to follow.

February 7, 2010

Wow! The Sun has become hyper-dynamic the past few days.

Solar active region 11045 has grown at an extraordinary rate the past 48 hours and has unleashed multiple solar flares including a major M6 x-ray flare on Feb. 7, 2010 at 0230 UT. Above is a photo of region 11045 taken at 2058 UT on Feb 6, 2010 during an M1.6 x-ray flare.

There have been many radio bursts as well. Below are some specimens captured on our decametric radio telescope array here in New Mexico.

Feb 07, 2010 2125 UT Type III solar emissions 2 minutes 38 seconds 2.4 MB

Channel A: 24 MHz Channel B : 21.1 MHz Click for Audio


Feb 07, 2010 1849 UT Type III solar burst : 2 min 3 sec 1.9 MB . Stereo

Channel A: 21.1 MHz Channel B: 24.2 MHz Click for Audio


Feb 07, 2010 1721 UT Type V burst amidst Type III Bursting 3min 29 sec 3.2 MB

21 MHz mono Click for Audio


Feb 07, 2010 1839 UT Type III burst: 21 MHz mono 1 minute 900 KB : Click for Audio

More specimens to follow.

Thomas Ashcraft 35.50 N 105.89 W New Mexico Mail

Radio Sun Specimen Collection from Last Solar Cycle

Heliotown and more various observations