Sprite May 26, 2013 06:02:57 UT over southwest Texas

This sprite cluster was captured at a distance of 329 miles/529.7 km in the near infrared with a modified dslr and also a black and white near infrared video camera. The sprite was barely visible in the color dslr due to full moonlight but it shows well in video. This sprite spreads from left to right in the video which is most apparent in slow motion at 1/10th speed.

It also was captured in radio at VLF-ELF and 2.5 MHz wavelengths.

Movie at left is expandable to full screen by pressing the button in lower far right of play bar after start.


Lightning stroke: 06:02:57.304 UTC

Sprite onset: 06:02:57.323 UTC

Lightning Stroke Location: 31.5042 N, -102.7334 W

Distance : 529 km | azimuth: 145.68 degrees

Peak Current : 29 kAmp

Charge Moment Change : +90 C*km

Thomas Ashcraft : Heliotown : New Mexico


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