Sprite June 16, 2013 04:45:31 UT over West Kansas

This large sprite was captured at a distance of 528.66 km in the near infrared with a modified dslr and also a black and white near infrared video camera.

It also was captured in radio at VLF-ELF wavelengths.

Movie at left is expandable to full screen by pressing the button in lower far right of play bar after start.

DATA: Positive cloud to ground lightning

Lightning stroke: 04:45:31.582 UTC

Sprite onset: 04:45.31.5979 UTC

Lightning Stroke Location: 38.2826 N, -101.0536 W

Distance : 528.66 km | azimuth: 53.10 degrees

Peak Current : 59 kAmp

Charge Moment Change : +300 C*km

Thomas Ashcraft : Heliotown : New Mexico


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