An Intense Type III
Solar Radio Burst that overpowered the reception
of strong local lightning and momentarily saturated the Radiotelescope

Audio Specimen

In the 3 hour chart above the heavy dark mass is all lightning strikes. The gap above the red arrow above is
when the solar burst overpowered the dense lightning strike reception.


Specimen :   June 21, 2005   :  1801 UT
The audio specimen below was recorded in stereo at
22.714 MHz     left channel  :  22.222 MHz   right channel

2 minutes and 24 seconds.    3.4 Mb size

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Timeline of Specimen:

0'00"  to  14 sec :  Baseline continuum / lightning strikes...
at 14 sec Type III burst begins
at 30 secs to 37 secs the solar emission eases up a little with lightning piercing through
at 42 secs the full force of the plasma oscillations begin and totally supplant the radio reception
at 2 minutes the solar burst subsides and the reception returns to baseline and lightning striking.
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Sun Opener

Recordist :  Thomas Ashcraft

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