Morbid Soundfields From Iraq

Year 2007
    :   The sounds of stray dogs eating the faces off the corpses laying in the streets.
And other various recordings.


Short round of gunfire....
Wdisc1_9gunfirshort8seconds.mp3    8 seconds    211 Kb

Urgency;   mass commotion directly after car bombing in Baghdad......
Wdisc10_15carbomburgent.mp3   1 minute 16 seconds  1.8 Mb

Funeral, anger, funeral procession and singing.....
Wdisc7_14funeralangerstrong.mp3            1 minute   58 seconds      2.8 Mb

After a bombing, many victims and bodies being delivered and unloaded at a hospital;
sounds of emergency, frenzy, grief; gunshot in the air for crowd control....

Wdisc1_39emergencyroom.mp3        4 minutes 5 seconds    5.7 Mb

Emergency, commotion and mayhem after mosque bomb.
Wiraqmosquebombintense1.mp3     1 minute  21 seconds     1.9 Mb

Ambient city, battle in distance......
Wdisc10_13distantfighting.mp3   20 seconds    487 Kb

Religious procession, amplified singer, drumbeat.....
   1 minute 22 seconds     1.9 Mb

Wailing and turbulence........
WIraqwail1.mp3      31 seconds     742 Kb

Street demonstration, passionate chants, whistle people.....
Wdisc10_13streetdemonstration.mp3    43 seconds    1 Mb

Wdisc1_3griefshortbetter.mp3    13 seconds    322 Kb

Admonition to invaders; "Your tombs will be in Iraq...."
Wdisc10_18invadersandresolve.mp3     2.2 Mb

Shoveling bombed car from road and siren......
Wcarbombaftersiren42sec.mp3       42 seconds   985 Kb

After airstrike bombing, men pick through rubble for survivors.......
Wdisc1_34sirenrubblepickBaji.mp3    50 seconds   1.1 Mb

Ambulences rush to car bombing of coalition soldiers.....
Wdisc7_19sirensrushtocarbomb.mp3    1 minute 11 seconds     1.7 Mb

Hosing blood off highway in Baquba.......
WhosingdownroadBakuba.mp3   39 seconds       916 Kb

After bomb cleanup.....
Wafterbombcleanup.mp3    44 seconds 1 MB

The road getting cleaned up......
Wafterbombraodmundane.mp3   1 minute 12 seconds  1.7 MB

Excerpt:  Short funeral procession in street.
Wdisc1_34funeral.mp3   26 seconds     612 KB

Christian funeral,  singing, wailing, victims of church bombing.....
WDisc6_8xtianfuneral.mp3   59 seconds      1.4 Mb

Singer, sirens.......ambient.
Wdisc1_35singergoodambient.mp3    45 seconds  1 MB  

Road cleanup after bombing.  Road ambience.
Wdisc1_35ayeayeambienceroadIraq.mp3           3 minutes 45 seconds     5.2 MB

Thomas Ashcraft

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