Solar Radio Sweeps                                                                                                        

The stereo sound file below  is a 1 minute 9 second excerpt capturing the tallest peak wave
 of the radio sweep event at 1808 UT  in the chart above.

Headphones encouraged.

If you are a sensitive listener you will be able to hear the solar wave pass through your head,
 from one ear to the other, as it sweeps down in frequency from 22.7 MHz to 22.2 MHz.

Play at moderate to loud volume for full pulsation and spatial effect.

Click below
AUDIO :  814_oct12_05_Ashcraft.mp3
1 Mb

Click below for movie of event:


For more and much stronger solar audio recordings click arrow below:

Thomas Ashcraft
35.50 N   -105.88 W

Entrance to Heliotown