Strong Solar Type III/V Radio Burst

May 9, 2009 1614 UT - 21.1 MHz

The Sun has been very active with new cycle sunspots the past three days and has produced numerous Type III radio bursts. This single solar radio burst has been the strongest so far and within this particular burst complex there is also what is known as a solar Type V emission. Here is an audio .mp3 of the full burst. Welcome to solar cycle 24!

1 minute 34 seconds 1.5 MB http://www.heliotown.com/S200905091614ut_Ashcraft.mp3

Definition of Type V Emission : Type V solar radio bursts are defined as continuum emission following a Type III burst, x-mode polarized (opposite sense to the associated Type III). The cause is slower Type III-like electrons in widely diverging magnetic fields, with both forward and counterstreaming Langmuir Waves, perhaps generated by the previous passage of Type III electrons.

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