May 25, 2013 05:19:21 UT

Lightning phenomenon near Clayton, New Mexico

This image was taken with a modified full spectrum, near infrared Canon XS dslr that has had its infrared blocking filter removed and replaced with an Astronomik clear glass filter.

I think it is either a starter, or a blue jet, or a failed gigantic jet, or possibly a gnome. See definitions here:

One expert told me : "Definitely looks like a starter. There is also the possibility that it could be a jet since the scattered light from the full moon could have been bright enough to mask the presence of fainter blue luminosity above the stem (which would make it a jet, if present). Also, the range is far enough that it would be difficult to see a blue jet anyways because of the substantial scattering of blue light through so much atmosphere."

Thomas Ashcraft : Heliotown : New Mexico


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