A Sonic Extrapolation into the Moment
Saddam's Death

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Optional worknotes and timeline:

Set,   Setting:  The Hanging Room
Saddam at the gallows audibly praying,
Saddam being taunted by his executioners, Saddam praying calmly,
More taunting from the hangmen; Saddam tells them to fuck off.

At 1 minute 39 seconds.....the trap door opens with a resounding whang!
Saddam drops, his neck breaks......     ( Begin Extrapolation )

A violent and catastrophic assault on the organism:
Inner throbbing, pulsing, flashing;


Possible DMT release at death?
chemical release from pineal,   memory spillage;

sounds and hearing ...............inner hearing and outer hearing


Thomas Ashcraft

( Note : This piece incorporates the bootleg cellphone recording of
 Saddam's actual hanging that appeared throughout the internet. )