Geminid Meteors 2007

Here is a movie ( with stereo sound ! ) of an early Geminid fireball captured on December 13, 2007, at 0459 UT, a day before the peak of this year's shower.
Below is my spectrograph which shows the radio signature of the meteor at 04:59 UT, (at the right of the chart.) I am recording forward scatter audio from two
separate radios tuned to tv channel 3 and 6 video carrier waves.The top half of the chart is the radio reception at 61.250 MHz and the bottom half of the chart is
the reception at 83.250 MHz. Listen close, with headphones if possible, and you will hear this fireball in stereo.

Below are two choices of viewing format: Quicktime .mp4 and .divx
fb20071213_0459UT_Ashcraft.mp4   2.4 MB  35 seconds
fb20071213_0459UT_Ashcraft.divx   1.2 MB  35 seconds

Added December 14, 2007
Here is a stereo .mp3 forward scatter sound file recorded at 0704 UT December 14, 2007 during the peak night of this year's Geminids.
One stereo channel is 61.250 MHz and the other is 83.250 MHz.
The sound has a subtle quality of "ebb and flow" that to me is not common during a regular non-meteor shower night. I can not analyze
 this scientifically as the physics of forward scatter are very complex, more complex than I have time for at present. But here is
a three minute excerpt and maybe you can hear it yourself. It is curious.  Headphones encouraged.
Gem20071214_0740ut_Ashcraft.mp3  5.6 MB   3 minutes long

Thomas Ashcraft    35.50 North Lat.   105.89  West Long.    North Central New Mexico

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