Note :  The meteor is the short streak in the bottom right of screen. The Moon is the bright blob of light at screen right.

Meteor   :   May 13, 2008    0809 UT

Observer's Comments:   After yesterday's super-fireball occurrence, this night had only one visible sub-fireball size meteor.

Movies :  
Movie 1 :   Sandia Labs Sentinel all-sky camera system capture, without sound:      782 KB  6 seconds

Movie 2 : Ashcraft's video and forward scatter system with dual channel sound:
Only minimal sonic reflection from this small meteor.

 FB20080513_0809ut_Ashcraft.mp4  2.1 MB   10 seconds

Below:  Radio spectrograph of the time of the meteor.  61.250 MHz reception above white line, 83.250 MHz below white line.
Meteor above occurs just before the 08:10 UT minute mark line. Not very strong.

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Thomas Ashcraft
35.50 North Lat.  105.89 West  Long.
New Mexico


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