Meteor  :   March 19, 2008  1115 UT

Observer's Comments:  A sub-fireball size meteor with a nice ringing sonic reflection in movie 2 below.

Movies :
Movie 1, Sandia National Laboratories Sentinel camera capture, without sound:      762 KB  6 seconds

Movie 2:  Ashcraft's Video/Audio Fireball system, with two radios, dual channel sound:
FB20080319_1115ut_Ashcraft.mp4    3.1 MB  20 seconds

There was a Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) reported at 0612:49 UT on March 19, 2008 that was visible at  +5 magnitude.
My Sandia National Laboratories Sentinel all-sky camera system is not sensitive to that magnitude so although the night
was clear and the position of the GRB in the constellation Bootes was in view the GRB was too faint to be observed here.

Also, below is my radiospectrograph for two ICOM PCR1000 radios for the frequencies of 61.250 MHz and 83.250 MHz in CW mode.
61.250 MHz reception is above the white line, 83.250 MHz reception is below the white line. Nothing extraordinary observed during the
0612 UT minute, j
ust normal background space dust.   -   Thomas Ashcraft

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