Fireball  :   July 2, 2008    0819 UT

Observer's comments:    No Sentinel visual captures last night. There was lots of high cloud and lightning. There was one dimmer fireball
captured on my simultaneous video/forward scatter system which made a good scatter reflection.

Movie  :  Ashcraft's forward scatter system, video and sound:
Piercing radio reflection.  
This meteor is a little hard to see in the movie as it streaks from mid-lower screen center to screen right.
FB20080702_0820ut_Ashcraft.mp4   14 seconds  1.7 MB

Radio spectrogram of the time of the above meteor.  61.250 MHz reception above white line, 83.250 MHz below white line.
Meteor above occurs during the 0819 UT minute.  All other dots are space dust particles.

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Thomas Ashcraft
35.50 North Lat.  105.89 West  Long.
New Mexico


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