Fireball 1 :     February 24, 2008   0636:50 UT

Observer's Comments:  This fireball passed over the vicinity of Las Cruces, New Mexico.
It was a relatively large ( magnitude -8 ? ) fireball and made only minimal forward scatter radio
reflections as can be heard in movie 2 below. Interestingly, there is a pattern of larger fireballs making
 only smallish reflections compared to their size. I am accumulating data on this seeming anomaly.

Movie : Sandia National Laboratories Sentinel system,  capture box,  no sound.    865 KB     6 seconds

Movie 2:  Ashcraft's Forward Scatter Video System, same fireball with audio
61.250 MHz right channel and 83.250 MHz left channel
FB20080224_0636ut_Ashcraft.mp4     964 KB    19 seconds

Radio Spectrograph of this fireball:

The spectrograph below shows only minimal radio signature at around the 0637 minute.
If you listen closely with headphones you can hear it.

Fireball 2 :   February 24, 2008  1031:56 UT    (3:31:56 am MST)

Observer's comments:  Good dual channel forward scatter reflection in Movie 2.

Fireball movie 1, capture box, no sound   895 KB   6 seconds

Fireball movie 2, with stereo forward scatter, 61.250 MHz right channel, 83.250 MHz left channel
FB20080224_1031ut_Ashcraft.mp4     2.8 MB    56 seconds  ( duration of radio reflection )

Spectrograph of fireball :  61.250 MHz above white line, 83.250 MHz below white line.

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Thomas Ashcraft
35.50 North Lat.  105.89 West  Long.
New Mexico


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