Meteor is faint short streak in highlighted boxes. Moon is blob at screen right.

Meteor 1  :   April 13, 2008   0712  UT

Observer's Comments:  Clear, but only one small meteor this night. One of the quietest nights of the year for meteors and space dust.

Movies :

Movie 1, Sandia National Laboratories Sentinel camera capture, without sound:   782 KB  6 seconds

Movie 2, Ashcraft's video and forward scatter system with sound:
No obvious sonic reflection. Just background continuum.
FB20080413_0712ut_Ashcraft.mp4    1.1 MB   7 seconds

Below:  Radio spectrogram of the time of the meteor.  61.250 MHz reception above white line, 83.250 MHz below white line.
Meteor occurs during 7:12 UT minute. No obvious radio reflection.  All other dots and blips on graph are small space dust particles.