The Super Bolide of September 13, 2007   0920:02 UT   ( 3:20:02 am MDT )


This particular fireball was the biggest  New Mexico meteor event of 2007.  It was captured by Sandia National Laboratories Sentinal camera 1 in
Albuquerque and by my Sentinal camera located near Lamy, New Mexico. I combined the captures into one simultaneous movie.  
Sandia 1 site is about 70 miles southwest of my location near Lamy so the video views show different perspectives.
Color movie on right is the view from Albuquerque.  Black/white video on left is the sky from near Lamy.

Bolide20070913Ashcraft_Sandia.mp4     10 seconds    407 KB

The movie also contains sound recorded by Thomas Ashcraft's forward scatter radio observatory.
Interestingly, by radio this super bolide did not produce a strong forward scatter reflection as you can see on the 83.250 MHz chart below.
More radio analysis coming.

Here is Ashcraft's movie by itself.  In the movie North is at the top and West is to the right of screen.
Sound is the forward scatter reflection at the frequency of 83.250 MHz
    3.4 MB   19 seconds

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