February 26, 2008  0952 UT    (2:52 am MST)

Observer's comments:  There were two nice fireballs during this minute, seventeen seconds apart.
The fireballs appeared close to one another but may or may not originate from the same source.
Kind of a rare and lucky occurrence actually.
 ( NOTE:  In the still image above one fireball streak is seen to the left of the moon.)

Fireball movie 1, capture box, no sound. The Sentinel system captured the first fireball but missed the second while it processed the first.
    v20080226_0252ut_Ashcraft.mov   832 KB   6 seconds

Fireball movie 2, has both fireballs with sound of stereo forward scatter, 61.250 MHz right channel, 83.250 MHz left channel
    FBSP20080226_0952ut_2Ashcraft.mp4  1.5 MB    33 seconds  ( duration of radio reflection )

Dual forward scatter spectrograph of fireball :  61.250 MHz above white line, 83.250 MHz below white line.

( Here is a third movie which has the two fireballs and 2 minutes 25 seconds of the radio reflection.)
FBSP20080226_0952ut_Ashcraft.mp4     6.5 MB   2 minutes 25 seconds

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Thomas Ashcraft
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New Mexico


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