Significant Fireball : April 26, 2009 0604 UT ( 4 minutes after midnight MDT )

This large fireball occurred over west central New Mexico, traveling east to west possibly into eastern Arizona and should have been visible from the Gallup-Flagstaff vicinity. The above image doesn't show the final terminal burst which is evident in the movies below. (See also the pic at the bottom of this page.) The final terminal burst could have made this fireball brighter than the full Moon in magnitude. Below are movies with sound of its VHF forward scatter radio reflection and also movies with ELF/VLF radio reception during the passage of the meteor. It is possible this fireball made a brief direct emission at ELF/VLF but it is not conclusive. If you witnessed this meteor please send a report to me at the address below. Thanks! - Thomas Ashcraft

Sentinel Camera on loan from Sandia National Laboratories

Sonic Movie 1 : ELF/VLF reception, 11 seconds. 500 KB FBvlf20090426_0604UT_Ashcraft2.mp4

NOTE: the crackling sound and tweeks are natural lightning emissions called sferics. If you listen acutely there is a possible enhancement of noise in sync with the flareup of the meteor at 3 seconds into the movie. This enhancement may be meteor related but it is difficult to say conclusively.

Sonic Movie 2 : Forward scatter reception only at 61.250 MHz. 30 seconds, 1.1 MB FBs61_20090426_0604ut_Ashcraft.mp4

Sonic Movie 3: 61.250 MHz and ELF/VLF reception stereo, 30 seconds. 1.1 MB FBvs61_20090426_0604UT_Ashcraft.mp4

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Below is the terminal burst of this meteor.