Great Fireball over Utah and surrounding area

Preliminary Report and video captures

November 18, 2009 : 0707:17-21 UT ( 0007:17-21 MST )

Note: My observatory near Santa Fe, New Mexico is located over 475 miles/ 800 km away from this event! This was a major fireball occurrence to have caused visible flashing from that far away.

Movie of terminal flashing:

Mac .mp4 format: 750 KB .mp4 - Terminal Flashes_ Mac

Windows .wmv format : 2.5 MB - Terminal Flashes- windows

Update: The following video has VLF/ELF radio reception on one audio channel and VHF forward scatter on the second audio channel. There is possible VLF/ELF over the horizon electromagnetic emission noted. The fireball at the arrow that goes to the horizon may or may not be connected to the Utah event but the flashes are definitely from the "Utah Fireball."

Mac : 750 KB : Fireball with Radio reception - Mac

Windows :2.8 MB : Fireball with Radio reception- windows

All-sky camera on loan from Sandia National Laboratories.

Thomas Ashcraft - Radio Fireball Observatory - 35. 50 N 105.89 W : New Mexico


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