Debris re-entry?

Observatory location : Lamy, New Mexico (35.502387 N, -105.893908 W)

On April 19, 2016, I captured an odd, unidentified forward scatter reflection on my radio meteor array operating at the frequency of 54.309 MHz LSB, which is a tv channel two pilot signal. It produced a dopplering radio reflection similar to a large satellite passing through my antenna beam. Time of the event was 2037 UT until 2051 UT. (2:37 pm to 2:51 pm Mountain Daylight Time). My antenna is pointing toward Salt Lake City, Utah. So if it was space object related it would have been in the sky between New Mexico and Utah.

Does anyone know if there were any abnormal satellite passes or possible debris re-entries in this region during this period? Or anything anomalous up there?

Below are Spectrum Lab graphs. Top half of each graph is 54.309 MHz LSB and bottom half is a separate radio with different antenna orientation at 76.309 MHz CW.

Thomas Ashcraft MAIL