June 23 2014 Triple Sprites over Oklahoma

Here is a quick sequence of three sprites. The first and largest sprite was mountainous. The above pic was taken with a near infrared dslr. Movie at left is the sprites with their VLF-ELF radio emissions.

First lightning stroke : 06:36:38.460 UT

Peak Current 158.0 kA

Charge Moment Change 568 C*km

Location: 35.4419 N, -100.7960 W (461 km distant)

Second Lightn ing Stroke : 06:36:38.647 UT

Peak Current 147.0 kA

Charge Moment Change 440 C*km

Location : 35.8967 N, -100.7617 W (465 km distant)

Third lightning stroke : No dataas yet

Thomas Ashcraft 35.50 N, -105.89 W Mail More various observations