On March 31, 2008 at 1835 UT ( 12:35 pm MDT ) I received one of the longest forward scatter receptions that I have ever experienced.
It was probably a daytime meteoric fireball but I am wondering if there was any space debris scheduled to re-enter over the western United States during this time period?
Below is my initial  forward scatter radio chart showing two separate radios and frequencies.  61.250 MHz reception is above the white line, 83.250 MHz is below the white line.

The full radio reflection extended ten minutes.

I was visually videoing at the time but could not detect the fireball on camera through an infrared dome.

Here is a .mp4 movie file containing the sound of the head echo and first 40 seconds of the reception.
Headphones will give good stereo definition as there is a lot of subtlety to the dual channel sound.
Note: This is a large file -  7.5 MB.


Any information on this particular fireball occurrence is welcome!

Thomas Ashcraft
New Mexico
35.50 N Lat.   105.89 W Long.

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