Fireball report in progress:

On January 21, 2012, during the 0636 am MST minute ( 1326 UTC) my Sentinel all-sky video camera captured an apparent natural "Earth skimmer" meteor with a duration of over 42 seconds. The long flight time would make this a rare natural meteor and perhaps it is possible that this was man-made debris. It was heading from WNW to SE.

I posted a lower-resolution video in .mp4 format which shows 37 seconds of the fireball but my original .dv video shows 42.5 seconds before the fireball disappears into eastern dawn light. The original .dv is too large to post on the internet.

Here is a link to the .mp4 video: NOTE: large file 20 MB


Any analysis is appreciated. If I can supply further details please ask. Note in the movie there is also forward scatter radio reception.

Sentinel camera on loan from Sandia National Laboratories. | Sky-map underlay from Heavens-Above.com | Black and white image belowed stacked by David Entwhistle. Thank you!

Thomas Ashcraft 35.50 N , -105.89 W | Lamy, New Mexico | More observations | Mail