VLF/ELF reception at the time of Fireball : April 22, 2009 0332:58 UT

This significant fireball occurred over north central New Mexico. No obvious ELF/VLF emission from this meteor.

(Note: This was a probable sporadic meteor and not connected with the Lyrid meteor shower.)


Movie with VLF/ELF radio reception. 560 KB : FBvlf20090422_033258ut_Ashcraft.mp4


Of interest to meteor researchers:

Sandia Sentinel camera system movie : v20090421_213258.00.mov

Movie: 61.250 MHz forward scatter reception: FBvlfscat61_20090422_0332ut_Ashcraft.mp4 2.4 MB 1 minute 20 seconds


Thomas Ashcraft / Radio Fireball Observatory / 35.50 N 105.89 W / New Mexico

Link to Forward Scatter Movie Archive