Taurid Fireball

November 11, 2009 : 0903:34 UT ( 2:03:34 am MST )

Video Capture with radio recordings:

Preliminary Taurids Report : Although the skies have been generally clear there have not been many large Taurid fireballs over my observing region this year. Yet here is a nice one that occurred over south central New Mexico.


VHF forward scatter radio frequencies are 61.250 MHz and 55.250 MHz

Mac: Full duration of forward scatter radio reflection : 1.6 MB .mp4 - MOVIE

Windows: Full duration of forward scatter radio reflection : 3.2 MB .wmv - MOVIE


Here is a movie with VLF/ELF radio reception on one channel and VHF forward scatter on the second channel. Possible weak direct ELF emission noted in sync with one mid-path flaring, but direct emission from fireball in this specimen inconclusive.

Mac : 500 KB : ELF/VLF Movie

Windows :2.8 MB : ELF/VLF Movie

All-sky camera on loan from Sandia National Laboratories.

Thomas Ashcraft - Radio Fireball Observatory - 35. 50 N 105.89 W : New Mexico


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