Spectacular Fireball Over New Mexico

October 09, 2009 0804:43 UT ( 2:04 am MDT )

Video Capture with multiple radio observations here:

Preliminary Report : This meteor may have been large enough to make landfall. Hard to say.

It occurred over northern New Mexico and I estimate that its path was roughly from around east of Taos heading somewhere towards an area between Truchas and Las Vegas. It is still hard to say with accuracy. More sighting reports are needed to narrow down the trajectory. Its magnitude was close to -13 or larger, at least as bright as the Full Moon.


VHF scatter and VLF/ELF : VLF/ELF-VHF Movie

VLF/ELF radio observation here : VLF Movie

VHF forward scatter radio capture at 61.250 MHz and 55.250 MHz: VHF movie

If you are a windows user and cannot play the above files then try this video processed especially for you:



Please send reports of this fireball to me at the address below. Thank you.

All-sky camera on loan from Sandia National Laboratories.

Thomas Ashcraft - Radio Fireball Observatory - 35. 50 N 105.89 W New Mexico


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VHF Radio Spectrogram : Fireball occurs just before the 0805 UT marker in the bottom half of the chart. Note: This was not a very strong forward scatter reflection.