September 1, 2007  Aurigid Outburst

Here is a movie of the best Aurigid fireball that I captured at 1136:50 UT.
It should play in Windows Media Player and hopefully in other applications too.
Please play with sound speakers on and you will hear the forward scatter sound this
meteor reflects along with WWV time stamp on the second stereo channel.
20070901_113650UTAUR.wmv      5.5 MB

And here is another movie with three Aurigids during the 1114 UT minute.
Aur20070901_1114UTx3_Ashcraft.wmv     2.8 MB

And one more captured at 1117 UT.
    3.8 MB

(Here is more info on my method and a few more movies.)

Below are my radio charts from 0900 UT through 1230 UT at 83.250 MHz

Fireballs obliterated individual meteor counts but you can see the possible peak
of the outburst in the density of overdense trails by scrolling down through the charts.
Fireball activity starts at around 10:40 UT.

Thomas Ashcraft
Radio Fireball Observatory
35.50 N  105.89 W
New Mexico